Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Zoo trip #3 of 2013

We got to go the zoo again today, and as always, had so much fun! The boys got new sweatshirts because I was a bad mommy and forgot their jackets. The wind was like 20 mph and a little chilly to start off the day, so they got a special treat because of momma's error! :)
They got to see the alligator up close today which they were very excited about. And they all had fun brushing the goats and taking another trip on the log ride. We have all decided that is our favorite ride to go on, it is so relaxing and a fun way to take a little break and enjoy some pretty scenery! :)
After the zoo we headed to Chik fil let for lunch, per Zaya's request. They are so good and had a blast meeting new kids and playing in the play area.
We decided to head over to Menard's to look at a few things and we ended up coming home with a new water feature for our landscaping. It is a combo gift for mothers day and our anniversary, I absolutely love it! :)
We got home and Lill laid down for a nap and the boys watched Alvin and the Chipmunks. Shane mowed and put together my water feature. I did laundry and went for a nice long run. The boys played with their new water guns and I had fun watching them from the patio while listening to the sound of running water! :)
Then off to see Bryan, Erixa, and Lex. We had supper with them and enjoyed spending time with their sweet family and going on a quick adventure in the pasture and woods. Headed home to get the garden tilled and planted. Got everyone bathed and ready for bed all by 9:30. This was a jam packed day, but I loved every minute of it! I love our family and although not every minute is peaches and cream, I wouldn't change one little thing! :)

Thursday, May 2, 2013


It was a braid kinda day! :) I got lots of compliments(it looked less messy at the beginning of the day :)), I'm thinking I should start attempting to style my hair more often! :)